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Bachelorette Party Miami is for groups who want to book a memorable experience with the convenience and insight of a local party expert.

 So, let me guess, you are an overtaxed bride or the nominated Bridesmaid in charge of organizing the bachelorette party? If that’s the case, you’re in the right place. Miami/South Beach is the best year-round spot for your bachelorette getaway, now, add a Bachelorette Party Miami and you will not only save money but time and frustration. BPM knows the best restaurants, has direct access to premier clubs and works only with the highest awarded and accredited companies to ensure your experience exceeds expectations. 

Let’s do this together! By “together” we mean let BPM do the work, and you take all the credit.

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As a former Bride, Bridesmaid, and Maid of Honor, I have experienced the insanity that can happen to what is supposed to be an exciting time, which led me to create a hassle-free planning experience that will have you eagerly waiting for your next friend to tie the knot.

I have had the honor of visiting over 40 countries during my eight years working in the tourism and hospitality industry, as a Travel Director and Trip Designer. It’s with the same passion that I created Bachelorette Party Miami and Puerto Rico. Miami has incredible nightlife, stunning beaches, luxury beyond compare, and a vibrant fod scene. After experiencing the lifestyle, I knew it was ideal for an unforgettable Bachelorette Party. 

So, why Miami? What you should be asking yourself is “why not Miami?” Incredible nightlife, stunning beaches, luxury beyond compare, and a vibrant food scene. After experiencing the lifestyle here firsthand, I knew it was the ideal place for an unforgettable girlfriends’ getaway.

Cyndi Cramblett Founder and Director of Bachelorette Party Miami
Cynthia Cramblett

Lead Party Planner

Voyage MIA Cynthia Cramblett

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